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    As a property management company, we handle guest registration with the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) to ensure compliance with regulations. Here's how we typically register guests with the DTCM:

    1. Pre-Check-in Preparation:

    Before a guest's arrival, we collect the necessary information required for registration. This includes their passport or Emirates ID details, full name, nationality, and any other required information.

    2. Online DTCM Portal Access:

    We access the DTCM's online portal, where we can submit guest registration information and access the necessary forms and resources.

    3. Document Verification:

    We verify that the guest's identification documents (passport or Emirates ID) are valid and up to date.

    4. Registration Submission:

    Using the DTCM's online portal, we submit the guest's information, including their identification details, to register them for their stay.

    5. Confirmation and Record Keeping:

    Once the registration is successfully submitted, we receive confirmation from the DTCM. We keep records of this confirmation for our records and for any potential future audits.

    6. Check-In Process:

    At the time of check-in, we inform guests that they have been successfully registered with the DTCM and provide them with any necessary documentation or confirmation.

    7. Compliance with Regulations:

    We ensure that all aspects of the guest registration process, including the collection of required documents and submission of information, adhere to DTCM regulations.

    8. Handling Changes and Extensions:

    If there are changes to a guest's stay or if their stay is extended, we update the guest's registration information with the DTCM to reflect these changes accurately.

    9. Privacy and Data Security:

    We handle guest information with strict confidentiality and in compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

    10. Staying Updated:

    We continuously monitor updates and changes in DTCM regulations regarding guest registration to ensure ongoing compliance.


    Please note that the specific procedures and requirements for guest registration with the DTCM may evolve over time. It's essential for property management companies to stay informed about the latest regulations and guidelines to ensure full compliance with legal requirements related to short-term rentals in Dubai.



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    Guest registration with the DTCM is a legal requirement in Dubai for vacation rentals and short-term accommodations. It helps ensure the safety and security of guests and maintains transparency in the rental industry.

    Typically, the property management company handles guest registration on behalf of the property owner. This ensures that the process is efficient and compliant with regulations.

    We require guests to provide their passport or Emirates ID information, including their full name, passport/ID number, and nationality, for registration.

    Guest registration is usually done at the time of check-in or shortly thereafter. It's essential to complete this process promptly to comply with regulations.

    We use the DTCM's online portal to submit guest information, including passport or Emirates ID details. This portal facilitates efficient and secure registration.

    Yes, there is fee for guest registration with the DTCM. However, regulations and fees may change, so it's important to stay updated.

    If a guest's stay is extended or if there are changes to their information, we update the registration with the DTCM accordingly to ensure accurate records.

    Guest registration typically needs to be done for each stay. Each set of guests staying at the property must be registered.

    Guests can expect a smooth and straightforward registration process, where they will be asked to provide their passport or Emirates ID information for documentation purposes.

    The DTCM takes guest privacy seriously and uses the information provided for regulatory purposes only. Guest information is treated with confidentiality.


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